Blooming marvellous! Brayton resident triumphs in hanging basket competition

Brayton resident, Ms Stephanie Morton has been crowned the winner of this year’s Barratt in Bloom competition, organised by five star housebuilder, Barratt Homes Yorkshire East and judged by Brayton Parish Council Chairman, Mr Iain Nutt.

Barratt Homes Yorkshire East challenged the first residents of its St. Wilfrid’s Walk development in Brayton to take part in a floral display competition back in July. Residents were gifted with their own, pre-planted hanging basket or planter and challenged to maintain (and potentially add to) the floral arrangements throughout the rest of the summer.

The horticultural showdown came to its conclusion when Mr Iain Nutt, Chairman of Brayton Parish Council dubbed Ms Morton the overall winner, beating a number of strong entries from other residents across the board.  

Commenting on the winning entry, Mr Nutt said: “It was clear that Ms Morton had put a lot of effort into maintaining her hanging basket. All of the blooms had flourished and the basket had a good spread of colour and texture. As a keen gardener myself I can appreciate the work that goes into maintaining these types of displays and I was really impressed with her results.

All of the residents had put considerable effort into their floral arrangements, with some adding additional pots to the front of their homes. I felt that the winning basket had been done to such a standard that it could stand out on its own.”

Ms Morton received the winning prize of a celebratory bouquet and a 100 Amazon voucher from Barratt Homes Yorkshire East.

Commenting on the win, Ms Stephanie Morton said: “I’m delighted to have won the Barratt in Bloom contest, I couldn’t believe it! I’ve been carefully watering and pruning the flowers gifted to me by Barratt Homes and they’ve added a lovely bit of colour to the front of my property this summer.”

The competition was such a great community activity. It brought everyone together and I really enjoyed meeting neighbours and other residents that I hadn’t gotten to know yet.”

Linzi Bentley, Sales Manager at Barratt Homes Yorkshire East, commented: “We were so impressed by all of the residents’ entries and it was clear how much effort had gone in to keeping the baskets and planters looking lovely.”