ON 6TH JULY 2017


  •   Cr. I Nutt  Cr. V Griffiths 
  •   Cr. T Hilton  Cr. M Bontoft
  • Cr. J Chilvers  Cr. I Chilvers 
  • Cr. L Johnston  Cr. J Wells 
  • Mrs J Jennings – Clerk


In attendance were 14 Residents from Meadowcroft and Mr Simon Middlebrook and Mr Miles Middlebrook on behalf of the Stanley Middlebrook Trust. They were all here to discuss the recently submitted application for 14 dwellings off Doncaster Road.  The Chairman explained that Members have not yet seen the full plans and they will be reviewed later in the meeting.  He also explained to the meeting the role of the Parish Council within the planning process and the need for Residents to submit their individual objections to Selby District Council. The Clerk took all the Residents email addresses and will keep them informed of further updates, including the chance to speak at the Planning Committee Meeting at District Council.

Mr Middlebrook spoke to the meeting about several main points:
1. Field history - the land was originally earmarked for a slip road onto the bypass in the past.
2. Drainage - comments have been made regarding flooding of the field.  The field is farmed and Mr Middlebrook doesn't believe there is a problem.  The Internal Drainage Board have said the correct drainage would need to be installed after further consultations.
3. Layout - there are various styles of properties in the plans. The application has been reduced from 14 dwellings to 13 and 2 of the houses have been changed to bungalows.

Most of the Residents wished to speak to voice their concerns, namely:
1. They were not aware of this land ever being earmarked for the bypass access road.
2. There is a major worry regarding the access onto the A19 - there are two access points and all residents had concerns regarding the traffic situation as this road is already very busy. The safety of schoolchildren must be a concern.
3. The Heritage Department at North Yorkshire County Council had written a letter regarding the need for an archaeological investigation – this letter was passed to Mr Middlebrook.
4. New properties are out of character with existing properties in the area. 
5. Fences of existing properties will be backing onto some new homes and there are boundary issues.

All residents decided to stay at the meeting to listen to proceedings.

238.17  Apologies       

Cr. Brian Cook gave his apologies due to holidays and Cr. Jude Thurlow gave his apologies as he had an hospital appointment. These were both accepted.


239.17 disclosure of Interests

To receive and disclose interest in matters to be considered at the meeting – in accordance with the National Code of Local Government Conduct. The Register of Members Interests was available throughout the meeting.


240.17 Minutes of Previous Meeting

The Minutes of the Meeting held on 1st June 2017 were agreed and signed as a true record.



Cr. I Chilvers reported that the Linden Homes have now made a proper entrance to their site on Barff Lane.

Cr. J Chilvers had asked the Police if Brayton could be visited by a speed van fitted with a camera. Unless the Police receive some ‘5 Alive’ forms from Residents they will not be able to visit the area.


As Residents of Meadowcroft had remained at the meeting, Planning was brought forward in the Agenda.

252.17  PLANNING

Applications Received

  • Proposed erection of residential development of 14 dwellings on land off Doncaster Road. Members viewed the Plans and took into consideration the views of the Residents at the start of the meeting. As there are limited ‘Planning Reasons’ that can be used as objections we will submit the following comments:
  • Density of the properties.
  • Concerns with the ‘settling area’ between the new and existing properties – is a holding tank required? There are major concerns regarding the drainage of this whole area.
  • The encroachment into the Strategic Gap.
  • We will request an Archaeological Assessment – as requested by the Heritage Service at North Yorkshire County Council.
  • Traffic issues – to have access onto the A19 from this development is, in our view impossible. This road is currently the busiest in Brayton and can be regularly backed up with standing traffic from the Tesco Express Store. Access onto this main road will cause major disruption and as the footpaths on this road are used by schoolchildren walking to three of the Parish Schools – the potential for accidents is huge.
  • We will also request a site visit so the Planning Committee can actually see the area and the problems this development will cause.
  • Proposed two storey side extension at 43 Moatway. No objections, subject to neighbours being fully consulted.
  • Proposed erection of three industrial units for B1, B2 and B8 uses at Selby Business Park. No objections.
  • Certificate of lawful development for existing use for occupation of dwelling in breach of condition 3 of planning permission ref 8/20/295H/PA at the Paddock, Mill Lane.  Members discussed this application – which is believed to be the removal of the agricultural conditions regarding this property – and had no objections.

Applications Granted

  • Two storey side extension at 27 Evergreen Way.
  • Reduction by 25% to sycamore at 5 Garrick Close under TPO 3/1989

The Members of the Public present were thanked for attending then left the meeting. The Clerk will contact them with any updates we receive in connection with the Application.



Cr. Cliff Lunn attended the meeting to report on current issues regarding Brayton.

He had been asked by a resident on the procedure for a Speed Activated Sign in the Parish – Hambleton had hired such a sign for two months at a cost of over 3500.

He had received an update regarding the Linden Homes development on Barff Lane:

‘During the course of June the air quality assessment I referred to in my last report was completed and returned to the Case Officer for the Barff Lane Application.  The report we have provided does not indicate that development at the site would lead to any issues with air quality.


I understand that Planning Officers have requested an external report on any possible landscape impact from our second phase Application and that return of this report is still awaited.  We have continued our discussions with North Yorkshire County Council Highways and are finalising with them an agreement about how we could contribute to improved pedestrian access from the site to Brayton Centre and make some contribution towards possible public transport improvements in the area, both of which are regarded as desirable by the Highways Authority.  I am hopeful that we can conclude these discussions quickly and that will allow NYCC to complete their consultation response to the Case Officer.  I believe that final responses from Landscape and Highways are the only outstanding matters where the Case Officer requires further information before being able to start writing up his report and confirm a Committee date at which the Application can be considered but as you would expect I am continuing to monitor public access in order that if any matters are raised, either by Consultees or local objectors which have not yet been responded to or answered within the planning documentation, I am able to provide further information.  I will of course continue to keep you informed as the Application progresses, if there are any questions you have for me or indeed if you would welcome a meeting to discuss the Application I would be more than happy to arrange’.


Cr. Lunn now has a 5000 locality budget, there are new rules for claiming but the details of which will be sent to the Clerk who can forward this information to all local groups.


Cr. L Johnston asked if something could be done regarding the speed limit on Barff Lane and the 30MHP signs being moved further away from the new properties. Cr Lunn will visit the Highways Department tomorrow with this request.



Cr. Ian Chilvers had recently attended the Area 7 meeting. No one had been elected at that time, so all interested parties will have to attend the next meeting.  The state of the road surface at Brayton Crossroads had been mentioned at this meeting.  Residents of Holmefield Close had reported a broken drain – but this road is un-adopted so repairs are the responsibility of the property owners.


The Drax Power Station Meeting had been held last week, Coal as fuel will cease in 2020. Drax are changing their grant system for community projects, and there could be funding available for local groups. The Clerk will contact Drax for the full rules and regulations of this new scheme.


The Groundwork meeting was held today, and they have stated that they will supply and plant trees on any Parish Council land. This was discussed and the possibility of replanting some hedgerows in Brayton was considered. Cr. V Griffiths requested that some trees be planted near St Wilfrids car park to stop access from the Foxhill Lane fields – the site will be visited over the next few days.



Mr Howard Thompson had attended the last meeting and had shown an interest in joining. Unfortunately he has not replied to emails from the Clerk and was not in attendance this evening. Therefore there could still be two vacancies on the Parish Council.



Village Green Road   The Clerk had arranged with Mr Don Amos to have this area re-surfaced. Sadly, Mr Amos has passed away so new arrangements will have to be made.  All the drains on this road need clearing and this will be completed over the summer holidays.

Police   There has been recent damage to cars in Brayton  - on 3rd June to 8 cars on Baffam Lane, on 17th June to a Car on Brayton Lane and on 19th June to a car on Chilvers Court.  There has also been a burglary on Barff Lane to a builders van with tools valued at 10,000 stolen.

Litter   The bins on the Village Green had been overflowing recently, this issue was reported and they were cleared. Currently the Moatway litterbin is full and also the bins near the Sports Wall – the Clerk will contact Selby District Council and also asked Members to report any issues with litterbins immediately.

Internal Drainage Board   The IDB had been asked to clear the dyke next to St Wilfrids, but remains full of rubbish.

Brayton Cemetery    A resident had emailed the Clerk to complain about the state of the grass at Brayton Cemetery. This email had been passed onto the Clerk and Chairman of the Burial Board.

Code Of Conduct Meeting     This training will be held on 24th July at 6pm at the Civic Centre.  The Clerk, Chairman, Cr. Johnston, Cr. Bontoft, Cr. Griffiths, Cr J Chilvers and Cr. I Chilvers are all booked to attend.

Methodist Land    The plans for the location of the seat on this area were discussed, and also the potential planting of another tree.

Moles   Cr. J Chilvers had recently asked Backhouse Environmental for a quotation to visit the playing fields on a regular basis. This has still not been received, so the Clerk will contact them again.

Barratt Homes   Barratts are holding a hanging basket competition this summer as new residents will be moving in on 1st July to the first set of homes.  They have asked the Chairman, Cr. I Nutt to judge this competition on Friday 18th August.

Holly Tree Way   An email has been received regarding a fence at the end of Holly Tree Way cutting off access to the rear field and Brayton Barff from Residents of the Poplars.  The Clerk will reply that this fence has been erected by Mack and Lawler Builders. 


No information had been received from Gary Lumb regarding a traffic count in Brayton. The Clerk will ask Cr. Cook if he has received any data from the Highways Department.


247.17   LITTER

The Village Orderly continues to work an extra three hours per week to clear litter from Barff Lane, Brayton Lane and Foxhill Lane areas.


  • Members were given copies of the July Report from the Centre Manager and the financial summary:

‘FINANCE – The Centre remains in the black which has got to be good. I will attach a copy of the summary for the first six months of this financial year

YOUTHS -   There has been a few incidents at the Centre with the older youths. The Centre is working with the police to help reduce the problems. To clarify about the locking of the gate ….. the last user group is responsible for locking the gate when they leave the Centre of an evening. Committee members are keeping an eye on the gate to ensure it is being locked. I do feel that the Community Centre cannot be held responsible for what happens on the other side of the gate of an evening. It would also help the Centre to address any problems if we were informed of any complaints. I understand that there is just not a problem at the Centre but in Brayton as a whole with different incidents.  There seems to be a different breed of youths (so to speak) that frequent the Centre younger ones and older ones. It is an ongoing battle at the present moment, well it seems that way. Monday morning (3rd July) when I arrived at the Centre some kind soul padlocked the handles of the main door together, yes they kindly attached the keys but had broken the shaft of the keys off.  If the Parish Council could come up with some positive strategies to help combat/reduce incidents I would truly welcome there. At this time and moment all I can think of is padlocking the gate at 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and leaving it padlocked from 6pm – 7am the following morning and padlocked all weekend. The problem with that would be football and the larger user groups not having access to the car park.’

Members then discussed emails from the Police and Community Centre Manager regarding the recent problems at the Centre’s Car Park:

‘I have actually addressed the gate in my report to the Parish Council Meeting next week.  The last user group of the evening is supposed to lock the gate after they have finished.
I know some do not like to approach the youths if they have cars in the car park. The new padlock we purchased has been taken by an unknown person how they managed to unlock it I do not have a clue. The original padlock is still on the chain and the code is 1945 and you have to push down on the shaft to open it. When closing the code needs to be lined up then the numbers lined up.
I am no longer in a position to just pop across the road to check on the padlock. I will send yet another email out to the relevant user groups. Carol’

PCSO Rachel Thompson has also been contacted regarding these problems. She has been in contact with the resident who has complained and also sent warning letters to the named vehicles on the incident log. These letters – to the registered keeper of the cars – saying that if there are complaints about the vehicle at the Centre in the future, prosecution will be started.

This issue was discussed at length, and it was decided to monitor the situation for the time being.

During part of the meeting a leak had started through the Wilson Suite ceiling. Cr. L Johnston asked that the Parish Council contact the Management Committee asking that the roof be repaired as a matter of urgency.  The amount of litter in the Centre Car Park was also mentioned.


249.17 CEF

The last CEF meeting was held on 5th July – Cr. Ian Chilvers is now the Chairman of this group. The next meeting is to be held on 13th September – venue to be confirmed.


250.17  POLICING

PCSO Rachel Thompson had replied to an email from the Clerk requesting an update on crime in Brayton:

‘Sorry I have not replied, I have been on leave. For your information there was an attempt burglary on Moss Green Lane last week, entry was not gained’.

An email had been received from the Community Speed Watch coordinator regarding this new initiative. CSW is a scheme that is being launched across North Yorkshire designed to support local communities and improve road safety. They are trying to set up a scheme in our area and require volunteers from local residents. This issue will be advertised in the hope that residents come forward to be part of this group.



  • Brayton C of E Primary School   Letter of Thanks for recent donation. The school have promised to keep us updated with the project and send photographs when it is completed.
  • Tesco Bags of Help Scheme   Notification that the ‘Brayton War Memorial Seating’ has been successful and will be voted on by customers in July and August, both at the Selby and Brayton Stores. We will await notification in September.

253.17  FINANCE

Cr. J Chilvers asked if the Internal Audit had taken place, the Clerk had attended Mrs M Farman’s property in June to have this carried out and read out the report received:

Having completed the internal audit for Brayton Parish Council on 7th June 2017 in accordance with the ‘Governance and Accountability for Local Councils, 2016, Regulations’ and using the enclosed list of questions I would like to bring the following point to the council’s attention:

  • The carry forward balance is too low. Your clerk has explained the reasons for this, but council needs to take steps to ensure that the carry forward balance is between one to one and a half times the precept.
  • I am, on the basis of my examination of the Parish Council’s accounts, satisfied that the records are well maintained in line with the Audit Commission's current recommendations and are free from material error. The council’s policies and procedures comply with the current legal requirements and appear to be well embedded in practice. Apart from the items listed above there are no other matters of significant concern that need to be drawn to the Council’s attention at this point in time.

Once again, I would like to compliment your clerk on the accuracy and clarity of the accounts, the reconciliation and variance sheets and the knowledge and understanding she has of council procedures.



  • Yorkshire Local Councils Association    Annual Review 2016/17 and notice of AGM on 15th July 2017
  • Selby DIAL   Newsletter June 2017
  • Community House   Newsletter Summer 2017
  • The Eggborough CCGT (Generating Station) Order   Land at and in the vicinity of the Eggborough Power Station Site, near Selby.


255.17   REPORTS

The Burial Board had recently met, and there were now plans to have signs erected on both A19 and Leeds Road showing the directions to the Cemetery. The precept will be raised by .02pence and a decision on the second phase of plots will be made shortly.



Cr. Ian Chilvers updated the meeting on the potential new playing field near Barff Lane. He asked that the Clerk contact Drew Fussey at Selby District Council to formally request this field be changed for this use.


Cr. Ian Chilvers asked for news on the Neighbourhood Plan – the Clerk had met with Officers at Selby District Council and the consultation period should start shortly.



Items to be included in the News Bulletin for July will include Drax funding information, current vacancies and the Tesco vote for the Village Green Project.






The meeting was closed at 9.05pm